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Thank you for your interest in Las Vegas Umpire Association (LVUA).  It gives me great pleasure to know you are interested in working for a professional umpire organization dedicated to providing highly skilled and highly trained amateur umpires.  We are celebrating our 11th year offering Las Vegas a choice in sports officiating.  Please go to the umpire information tab and sign up today. 

Our goal is to promote quality, consistency, training and feedback both internally and externally on the quality of service our association is providing. 

We continue to search for amateur umpires from the age of 16 and up willing to make a commitment toward excellence.  If you or anyone you know is interested in joining this unique group of individuals, please contact Mary MacDonald at 702-429-5703 or visit our website at http://www.lvua.org/ for further details.

We look forward to adding you as a new member to this great team.


Mary MacDonald, LVUA Owner & Las Vegas NABA President